Ladies of Hawthorne

Attention all Ladies

Many of you may be new to Hawthorne, or may not have ever attended a Ladies of Hawthorne (LOH) meeting, because you may think it’s not for you.  We hope this will encourage you to come out for your first time, or come back after a long hiatus.  Our name is the original name that was chosen when the neighborhood was founded back in the 80's.  We contemplated changing the name over the years, but we thought this tradition should prevail.


We have 2 main goals of LOH. The first is to provide socialization with other women; young and finely aged women of Hawthorne.  Many lasting friendships, socialization, and support have emerged from this great group of women.  We all learn from each other and as we know, it takes a village to raise children these days.  We have many women involved whose children are all grown, and many who do not have children.  The common thread is; we are all women.

Our 2nd goal is to maintain all of the wonderful and beautiful things that make Hawthorne such a fantastic neighborhood in which to live. Christmas in Hawthorne will make memories for your family forever, with the decorations, Santa at the Gazebo, and the caroling and sleigh stops along the way.  Our patriotic 4th of July Parade with the fire trucks leading the way from our beautiful gazebo down to our awesome Hawthorne pool makes for a fun day of games, ice-cream, swimming, and dancing for the kids.  LOH stuffs over 1000 Easter eggs for our annual Easter Egg Hunt.  We also provide several other socials throughout the year, and these cannot be done without the volunteers from LOH.

Each month, a member volunteers to open her home for the meeting and then we have 2 or 3 other ladies provide snacks.  We ask each individual to bring their own drink of choice. (and wine is a popular choice!) A typical meeting begins with socialization as it is not a requirement to arrive on time. We’ll spend about 30 minutes just mingling and catching up. Once we settle down with full plates and glasses, we always ask about and discuss any of our neighbors who might be in need, due to health or other situations. Next is the short “business” portion where we’ll plan for upcoming neighborhood events. Everyone takes turns volunteering to help with events and having more active members makes it easier and more fun for everyone. For many meetings, we’ll also have a theme, program, or activity.  For example, nutrition information, wine tasting, or Holiday crafts.  We are always looking for new ways to learn and have fun. We know many of us are moms and many work full-time and life is busy, but the camaraderie of the amazing women that Hawthorne offers, makes it well worth attending.


These functions are not funded by our Homeowners dues: they are funded only by three platforms.  We collect $15.00 in dues per family, once per year.  We encourage all homeowners to give, since everyone benefits from our holiday decorating efforts.  Tricky Tray has been a more recent fundraising addition and it is a family event held in June at our pool.   This is an event that is fun for everyone in Hawthorne.  In October is our annual auction for the ladies.  Please, we strongly encourage you to donate a new item even if you cannot attend.  We thank many of our “long time neighbors” who still come out each year to support us in this effort.  Besides the fundraising, these are great events to attend to meet your neighbors, all for a great cause.

Keep Informed: neighborhood assistance and alerts

LOH has banned together for many good and unfortunate times for our neighbors.  We like to think of Hawthorne as one big family.  So if you need us please reach out.  If you are not on the Hawthorne email group or the Hawthorne or LOH Facebook pages, please join.  You will find some very important information communicated there.  Please contact Nancy Tidwell at PPM to get on the Hawthorne email group-if you do not have a Facebook account.  The Facebook pages are a great way to find recommendations for home services, pet or babysitting services, and neighborhood alerts.  Contact Diane Moore at (LOH FB page) or Jeff Alpi at, (Hawthorne FB page) to join the “closed groups” of our neighborhood, or search for these groups from your FB page. 

We hope to see you out at a future LOH event, and also more connected through one of the sites suggested above.  Let’s continue to make Hawthorne a fun and unique neighborhood for many years to come.