HOA Board

Board of Directors

The Hawthorne Homeowners Association Board is responsible for the preservation, protection and maintenance of common property.  It is also responsible for the maintenance of property through covenant enforcement and architectural control.  The board is comprised of neighbors elected into board positions for a term of two years.  Board members serve on one or more committees.  The current members and positions are:
 Officers: President - Chet Wayland
Vice President - Chris Keiller
Treasurer - Tom Garbarino
Secretary - Denise Gayle
 Committee Leaders: Pool - Patty Moore & Russ Smith
Roads - Chet Wayland
Architectural Matters- Joelle Taylor        
Tennis - Ross Schroeder
Landscaping - Robin Pasley

* Based on elections from the 2014 Annual Homeowners Meeting

Board Meetings

Board meetings are currently held the 4th Monday of each month.  A synopsis of the minutes from each meeting is published in the Hawthorne Happenings newsletter.  All homeowners are welcome to attend but must submit items for agenda consideration to a board member or PPM at least one week before the meeting.